The Crowe

The Crowes “are of native Irish stock,” wrote Edward MacLysaght, author and leading authority
on Irish names and family history.

The name may be anglicized and a shortened version of Mac Conchradha, which can has been
translated as hound of terror or horror, but every Crowe by blood or affection is sincerely Irish
no matter where in the world they reside, from Ireland to the streets of New York to Australia.
“The Mac Conchradha are believed to have been part of the Dalcassian tribe (the Dál gCais)
descended from Cormac Cas who is said to have lived in the 3 rd  century.  It is hoped that ongoing
DNA research will throw more light on the origins and evolution of the Dalcassians.  The best
known figure in this lineage is Brian Bóruma  (family of O’Brien) who was king of Munster and
later of all Ireland around the turn of the first millennium.  Subsequently the territory controlled
by the O’Brien dynasty contracted to the kingdom of Thomond.

The homeland of the Mac Enchroes in recorded history was about 14 km west of Ennis, in and
around what is today the parish of Inagh.  The Mac Enchroes of Inagh appear in accounts of
battles in Thomond in the 14 th  century.  In one instance they are referred to as ‘the warlike Mac
Concroes’,” so relates “The Crowes of County Clare: a summary” at

The Crowes were members of the victorious Irish army in the Battle of Lough Raska (Irish: Loch
Rasca) or Battle Coromroe fought on August 15, 1317 hear Corcomroe Abbey.
The motto on the coat of arms – Skeagh Mac en chroe – has been translated as thornbush of the
Crowes or gathering place of the sept of the Crowes. Both may refer to the historic rallying cry
of the family and its location in the homeland in Thomond in County Clare. The name survivies
in the County Clare 387-acre townland of Skaghvickincrow.

Crowes have achieved success wherever they have landed.


Kenneth C. Crowe is a poet, novelist, author and Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter. He is the titular head of the Clan Crowe.  He is known as The Crowe.

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